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We are 100% focused on helping small businesses get the capital they need.

We give you the piece of mind and security that you can access working capital whenever you need it.

Fund Me Bro is the cool, easy, fast, no doc, no hassle way to get your business funding.

When it comes to growing your business – you can draw against your credit line as often as needed.small business loans, start up capital, real estate investor line of credit

Qualify for Up to $200,000 in minutes.

How many more real estate deals could you get done knowing that you have additional line of credit that you can tap into?

We are 100% focused on helping small businesses get the capital they need.

Once you apply and get qualified, you can get capital in record time.

  • Unsecured
  • No Collateral
  • No income docs required
  • Start ups ok!
  • Real estate investors
  • Small Business Lines of Credit

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How to Access Your Business Start Up Funding or Real Estate Investor Loan

Fund Me Bro makes it cool and easy to see if you qualify for our funding program.

You might be wondering:

Here’s How it Works

Fund Me Bro requires that all potential applicants have at least a 680 credit score and no more than 2 lates within two years time to qualify for our start up or small business loan programs.

When you contact Fund Me Bro by either phone

@ 201-535-5584 or

e mail @

We will give you the link to our preferred credit reporting vendor for you to pull your credit report.

(When you pull your own credit report it is considered a “soft” pull and no inquiry is marked against your credit score) .

Once you have pulled your credit report then give Fund Me Bro the credit report access codes     ( user names and passwords) so that our loan consultants can review your report.

Once your credit report has been reviewed by our loan consultants you will be notified usually within 24 to 48 hours to let you know how we can best work with you and help you.

That’s It – Easy PEEZY

A few words from our satisfied small business owners who secured our funding

Devin K –

The staff were so attentive and quick to help us meet our financing needs. Shawn was our advisor, and he was great! He did an incredible job helping us attain over 60% more capital than we had expected to acquire, for a total of $89,000. It was definitely the right decision for us,

Brandon T –

The results that we received  were impressive. In less than 10 days we secured over $154,000 for our business. They were able to connect us with the best lenders for our specific business needs. What I liked best, was the speed in which we obtained our funding; it literally took just a few days.

Zack L –

We were able to get a line of credit for our newly formed business. Most banks didn’t want to loan us money because our business had not been an entity for more than a year. We were able to get  a line of credit for our business to get started. They were professional, obtained funds quickly.

Diane E –

We were able to get our new business a large amount of accessible funds. Our Senior Funding Manager was helpful in explaining the steps we needed to take and made it so very easy for us. All of our needs were accommodated quickly and professionally. Thanks,


Frequently Asked Questions about Start Up Capital and Business Loans

“Are start up businesses acceptable?”

Answer – Of Course! Our programs are able to accommodate all types of businesses.

“Does my business have to be organized under a specific entity type?”

Answer – While it is not mandatory to have an entity created, many banks are more willing to lend to an individual that has put forth the effort to create an LLC or a Corporation. Another upside of creating an entity is the protection and legitimacy that it gives to your business.

 “Are there any problems that I would encounter or consequence to me or my business?”

Answer – The only problem or ramification that you and / or your business may face is if you fail to repay your lenders.

“What are the minimum qualifications needed to qualify for your loans or lines of credit?”

The most important part is the CEO’s credit score. At least one of the business partners should have a credit score of 680 or better.

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